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The Core Community Challenge

January 1, 2021

We believe community and connection make a difference. We also believe supporting our team members’ volunteer efforts fosters a healthier and happier workforce.


Since its founding, Core Assurance Partners has provided our team members with eight hours of annual paid leave to volunteer. In 2019, we realized the amount of time our staff dedicated to community service was staggering but lacked a formal program and metrics. We wanted a way to encourage our team to continue to give back and incentivize their efforts.


And in that spirit, our corporate volunteerism program, the Core Community Challenge (CCC), was formed.


Through the CCC, our team members volunteer when and where they want, then log the hours they serve through an electronic tracking form. Based on the number of hours logged, CORE team members earn grants of varying levels to the philanthropy of their choice.


2020 marked the first full year of the CCC. Despite the challenges of gathering in person, the CORE team dedicated nearly 300 hours of their time to the local community.


One team member, Lina Domanski, served more than 100 hours as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) of Virginia Beach. As a CASA, Lina channels her adoration of children and playful personality into one special purpose: giving a voice to a child in need.


Lina earned $500 in grants for Virginia Beach CASA and the honor of being the inaugural Core Community Challenge Champion.

Lina Domanski - CCC Champion 2020 award portrait
2020 CCC Champion: Lina Domanski