Automobile Dealers

Beyond new car inventory protection

Auto dealerships are inherently busy places – with service and maintenance visits, test drives, and new and used car sales. In addition, you are challenged with staying abreast of evolving buyer demands and rapid technological advancements in products. Coupled with weather-related incidents from an ever-changing climate and distracted driving, the automotive industry is a complex business to insure. Core Assurance has extensive experience working with auto dealers and has a deep understanding of the unique risks and considerable exposures they face.

We craft insurance programs that go beyond just new car inventory protection. We will tailor the perfect coverage plan to help protect not only your expensive inventory, but showrooms, service areas, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Core Assurance can minimize your risk and safeguard you from potential business disruptions with the following products and services:

Client Success Story

Car being hit by hail storm

THE CLIENT:  Auto Dealer / $1B+ in Annual Sales 


THE CHALLENGE:  The client was presented with a 100% increase at renewal on their dealer’s physical damage (Dealer Open Lot) coverage as a result of the insurer carrier paying a multi-million-dollar hail claim. This was our first assignment as their new broker, having acquired their former partner a few months prior. We needed to find cost savings and deliver. 


CORE SOLUTION:  We interviewed a handful of insurers that could provide coverage, specifically in our dealer’s locations. Due to the coastal exposure, we invited two companies to come to Virginia and meet with us to discuss their capabilities and the reasons why we should put our client’s coverage in their hands. In addition, we successfully got the carriers to understand that they could look at prior losses; but view it as what that loss would have been with the deductibles the market was now demanding. This ultimately allowed them to credit the client’s loss experience as the deductibles in place were more in favor of the insurer, therefore reducing what they would pay if the claim were to occur again.


THE OUTCOME:  We successfully presented two options for the client’s consideration, both with cost savings and one with a deductible option. While the client didn’t ultimately go with the deductible aggregate option, we were able to put a new policy in place, which produced a cost savings of 32%.

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